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Throne of Glass – 3.5/5

So – I have definitely seen all the hype around the Throne of Glass series especially since the fourth book just came out. I have been eyeing this series for a long time, as it definitely had all of the elements that would typically attract me to a book:

  • Badass female protagonist who is known as the greatest assassin in the world throne of glass
  • Fantasy genre with epic world building
  • It’s a YA 6-book series!!!! I must say, I’m a sucker for a longer book series
  • Beautiful covers 😉

So…when I found the book for $0.99 for my Kindle, I decided to finally jump on this bandwagon. I got through about 33% and went to buy the physical copy because I was definitely enjoying it! 🙂 I will say, though, I have a definite love/hate relationship with this book – haha! I know that’s so strange to say that I enjoyed it and have a love/hate relationship, but I have so many feelings about this book.

Warning: this post is going to be longer and full of spoilers, I am incredibly conflicted and so I need to process all of these conflict feelings…you’ve been warned! 😉

I have heard that this series just keeps getting better and better, so I will definitely be continuing – I’m already too invested to not keep reading…dang it, haha!

First of all, give me a badass female protagonist who is the greatest assassin in the world any day! YAS! YAS! Sounds perect, right?! The story begins in the mines of Endovier (“the death camp”) where Calaena is being held after being captured. She is brought out of Endovier and brought back to the kingdom of Adarlan to compete to be the King’s Champion. She is painted to be this badass, frightening, and feared assassin which got me all sorts of excited. BUUUUT – as soon as she was brought back to the castle and given her new room, dresses, and everything else that comes with royal living, she just seems to revert right back to a silly mindless girl. Why?!? I definitely did not get the vibe that she is the world’s most renowned assassin, which was slightly frustrating. HOWEVER – I will say: I do appreciate that Sarah J. Maas took a female protagonist and made her a bit multi-dimensional. Sometimes I do think when authors try to create strong female protagonists, they’re either super feminine or super masculine, so kudos to Sarah J. Maas for creating a female character that is both parts. I think I was frustrated with how stark the differences in her personality were – it really did feel like I was reading about two different people rather than one well-rounded character…

(What just happened in this last paragraph is going to be a theme with the rest of this post – I’m telling you, I have so many feelings about this book!!!!) 

Now: the love interests. No, this is not a spoiler because it says it right on the back of the book. On the one hand, we’ve got Prince Dorian. In my opinion, he’s your typical prince character – entitled with the conflicted father-son baggage. I really do not quite understand the hype around Team Dorian because he just bugs me. I am not a fan of male characters who feel entitled to the female characters in the book and that is exactly how I felt Dorian approaching Calaena. Then you’ve got Chaol, the Captain of the Guard. Chaol is a bit more distant and there is clearly some emotional baggage backstory to Chaol that I desperately NEED TO KNOW ABOUT!! Chaol is a slow to warm kind of character and his feelings for Calaena gradually grew over the course of the book.  Clearly, I am a bit more Team Chaol – if I had to pick, I do hate the YA troupe of picking what “team” you’re on…why?! Dorian and Chaol are also longtime friends, which of course makes this love triangle all the more exciting – duh, right? -_- Now I will say that this love triangle is not the worst that I’ve read, so I don’t hate it. Dorian/Calaena definitely did feel a little bit insta-lovey, which is another YA troupe that drives me nuts. Chaol/Calaena was more slow building and mainly hinted at, rather than actually happening.

I have to hand it to Sarah J. Maas with her creation for strong female characters, referring to Queen Elena and Princess Nehemia. YAAAS! 🙂 A Queen and a Princess – not in relation to one another – who are not just ornaments for their court, but both women who have passions, ambitions, and drive. Thank you Sarah J. Maas! Queen Elena Havilliard was the first Princess of Terrasen and I believe of Fae lineage? Clearly, Queen Elena was in spirit form (first Princess, y’all) and offered guidance to Calaena. It was also hinted that there may be more of a connection between Queen Elena and Calaena than meets the eye?! Princess Nehemia is from the neighboring lands of Eyllwe and is visiting on the notion of attempting to create a bridge of peace with the King. However, we learn very quickly that there is so much more to Nehemia. She is definitely a princess of her people as she cares so much about her people and her land. There is also some magical element hinted to Nehemia’s person, which is another reason why I have to keep reading – I have to know!!!!

Now: the fantasy element of this book. Ugh…why?!? So slow building, yet so enticing all at the same time!!! Why!! This would be so much easier if I just hated it and didn’t feel like there was any potential to the fantasy element of this book. But of course not! There’s definitely a whole lot of potential that could and probably does happen throughout the rest of the series. There is definitely something about Fae people that will come up somewhere in this series, which intrigues me greatly. I haven’t read many books about Fae people, so I don’t really know what to expect! I did love the conflict in this book though with Cain and the ridderak. Oh my goodness!!! o_0 This part of the book was probably the best part of the book for me and the most developed. It was gruesome, graphic, and so fast-paced which made it oh so awesome! While I knew that there was something rotten about Cain, I couldn’t have imagined that this would’ve been it! The question remains, though, how did he do it?!? As for the obvious bad guys, the King and Duke Perrington, especially since the fact of Duke Perrington having some kind of magical ability was hinted at which intrigues me greatly!!!

Here you go! Those are all of my thoughts – I know that was a lot, but I definitely warned you! I am excited to continue on with this series and I am really hoping that this series continues to get better…or I’m going to be so upset! 🙂

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