Apparently We’re Really Neat!

real neat blog award

Whoa – we were so excited to be nominated for the “Real Neat Blog Award” by Abi C xx!!! 😀 Our second blog award nomination since we started this blog roughly 8 months ago! We have really loved blogging our book-ish loves and obsessions, and getting into this wonderful book blogging community. Now, for the rules for this award nomination!

1. Thank and tag back the blogger who nominated you (which we have done above)

2. Answer the questions he/she gave to you:

If you could live in any place in the world and where it would be? Why?

Mina: I mean, really, I am incredibly happy with living where I am in the Pacific Northwest 🙂 I am a true Pacific Northwest gal, through and through. I am definitely happiest when I am living near the ocean, so anywhere that I can be as close to the ocean as I can. I love being able to wake up every morning and seeing the ocean as I leave my place for work, and then being able to come home with the ocean on the horizon. So yeah – I know, not the most exciting answer…but I really am quite happy with where I live 🙂

Amelia: Paris, without a doubt. Paris has been my dream since I first started learning French and French culture at an early age. Last year I got to visit Paris for the first time, and it was everything I dreamt it would be and then some. The culture, the art, the history, the language the people…I love it all. However, if we were going to narrow it down to the States, I would join Mina up in the Pacific Northwest. As much as I love Chicago, my heart needs mountains and oceans and forests.

Ranie: I would like to be somewhere more scenic than Central Illinois. Mountains for snowboarding, lots of greenery for hiking. Europe would be a neat change too. I find the different culture so interesting and their landscapes are so different from what we commonly find in America. Even if it’s man made landscapes.

What is your worst habit?

Mina: This is going to sound really strange, but it’s a cross between cracking my knuckles and my soda cravings, haha!!! I instinctively crack my knuckles and even I find it super gross, so it’s definitely something that I am trying to stop. And my soda cravings – I know that I need to cut back as it’s really not good for me, but it’s so yummy! 😛

Amelia: I wish I didn’t have so many options to choose from…I’ll just put it under the umbrella of time management; that’s definitely an area I’m still growing in. I tend to focus more on what I want to do in the moment rather than what I know I need to do. Definitely something I’m working on!

Ranie: I love food. SOOOOOOOO much, and not the good stuff, mostly anything covered in cheese. My boyfriend loves food almost more than me, which only makes it worse.

Name something that you lost that you wish you could have again?

Mina: Hmm…

Amelia: All that time spent screwing around in college instead of focusing on studies.

Ranie: On a similar note to Amelia’s, sometimes I feel that I did not get the proper networking and adult world set up and others did through their college experience.

You’ve decided to get a take-away or a take-out: what do you order?

Mina: Wow, it’s a definite toss up. I live in such a foodie town that I love getting take-out from anywhere, really. But, if I’m intentionally going to get take-out, it’s honestly usually either a pepperoni pizza or my favorite tomato dill soup 🙂

Amelia: Sushi! Not too many of my friends like it, so I’ll order it whenever I have an opportunity.

Ranie: I think I spend the most money at Chipotle, and Thai food finds its way into my house at least once a week.

Favorite month of the year?

Mina: One would think that it’s my birth month, but it’s not – I think my favorite month is September. I love fall time! September to me symbolizes the start of cozy fall weather and the idea of settling down for the year.

Amelia: I also love fall, so I’m going with October, when all the leaves are changing. The craziness of the start of the school year has also died down at this point, and I feel like the whole world is traveling at a slower pace, taking time to observe the beauty around us all.

Ranie: I would have to say sometime in the fall too. With how weird the weather/temperature has been lately, I won’t go with a specific one… but that one where you can wear a sweatshirt and shorts and be perfectly comfortable.

3 material objects that you can’t live without?

Mina: My planner, my Clemson ring, and my current read (I realize that this is totally cheating the 3 material objects, but it’s so true, haha!!)

Amelia: I’m not overly sentimental when it comes to objects, but I’m definitely attached to my Harry Potter collection. They have been with me since childhood and each one has a running tally of how many times I’ve read it. If I’m counting those as one item, I’ll add my Mac and music library. That last one may not quite fall in the material category, but I’m going to include it anyway 🙂

Ranie: This is a hard one. I would have to say nail polish, since my nails are rarely bare. My ring I’ve had for almost 10 years that I feel naked without. Aaaaaaand…. bobby pins. This hair is a nightmare to control!

If the world was ending, how would you spend your final day?

Mina: Jeez, this questions got like real deep…haha!!!! I honestly would want to spend it with the people that I love the most – showering them with love and soaking in all of the quality time 🙂 ❤

Amelia: Seriously, pretty deep way to end the questionnaire! I would sit by the Pacific Ocean and watch the sunset with my loved ones.

Ranie: Yes, I would also spend it with loved one’s doing something fun… actually even if it’s just sitting around enjoying ourselves, that’s good enough for me.

For this award, we would like to nominate…

It’s been a pleasure reading all your blogs! You all should definitely check them out! Here are your questions (book-themed, of course):

  1. Have you ever given up on any books or a book series?
  2. If you had to take one book while stranded on an island, which would it be?
  3. Unpopular opinion time: which book does everyone seem to love that you just can’t stand?
  4. What got you into reading?
  5. Who’s your literary crush?
  6. What book would you recommend to new readers?
  7. Tell us a fun fact about you! Book-related or otherwise 🙂

2 thoughts on “Apparently We’re Really Neat!

  1. Erika says:

    Paris would be a nice place to live in. I love the French culture. I took French for four years. Unfortunately I forgot everything I learned. The language is absolutely beautiful.

    Haha oh my goodness I definitely agree with the whole cracking your knuckles! It’s also a bad habit of mine and I can’t seem to stop.

    Thank you again for the nomination. ❤


  2. Ana says:

    Thank you for nominating me, girls! This is a cool tag and I loved your answers 🙂


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