Group Discussion: On Finishing Books

Kitty says stop.

Rachel: Hi friends! Glad to see you two have had some decent reads in the past couple weeks. Summer is in full swing, and I’ve been terrible about keeping up with my reading! Partially because I’m enjoying everything that summertime in Chicago has to offer, but also because I’m not enjoying my current read, like at all! 😦 I’m about a quarter of the way through, and am not really enjoying the prose and the direction of the plot. So, I wanted to ask you ladies…do you always finish books? What reasons justify giving up on one?

Val: I HATE to not finish a book. I will literally try to get through it until my skin crawls and my eyes hurt. That right there, is the only reason that, to me, justifies giving up on a book. If I am being honest though, I have probably put something down before and told myself I will finish it later… I have plenty of years left to make that true, right?

Christina: I agree with Val – I definitely push myself to read a book in its entirety. I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t finish a book and not picked it back up again. I am definitely torn though – I think that sometimes it also has to do with different genres and how to be in a different reader mindset genre to genre. I tend to fly right through Contemporary books, obviously, as they are typically super cutesy and easy to read. They’re fun and easy to read. However, it takes me more time to read through a high-fantasy book with all the world building and trying to follow the story as it develops. I think that’s why I find myself in occasional reading slumps, as I am switching from genre to genre and I need to start taking some breaks between reads. Thoughts girls – do you think that genre jumping has a lot to do with struggling in finishing books?

Rachel: Wow, you ladies are way better at finishing books than I am! I’ve definitely had to switch up the book I’m reading because I’m not in the mood for that genre, like you mentioned Mina.  Although, I think after so many years of doing that I’ve gotten better at knowing what sort of book I should be picking up. I feel like what usually leads me to giving on a book is feeling that it’s just not worth the time and effort. Sometimes when I think about all the books I want to read I get so anxious…four hundred books is a bit daunting. Four hundred books…if I read forty books a year…that’ll take me…
ANYWAYS, does your ever-growing pile of books ever affect how much you want to read something, or keep reading it?

Christina: I think my “to-be read” list definitely impacts how much I want to read something – I definitely take some more time to really reflect on if this book is something that I am going to want to spend my time on. With that being said, I think because of that – I tend to power through books more often than not. I’ve already taken the time to think about the book, so at some point – I thought it was worth it. I have also put books down and started something else to keep my reading going, rather than letting myself get into a reading slump. I have found that doing a small simultaneous reading pattern tends to keep me more engaged in the book that I’m already having trouble with.

Val: I agree, sometimes my “to-be-read” list can be very overwhelming. There are so many times I have put books on hold at the library, and then 4 of them are ready to be picked up at the same time and all of a sudden I seem to not have a spare second for reading until the books are due and have been renewed 3 times. I feel that my reading has to be peaked by interest in a book, or the want to read, not so much the goal to read a certain amount of books, or certain books. Unless I am really interested in reading them.

Rachel: Thanks for your thoughts and opinions ladies! You’ve brought up some good points. And as an update, I stuck it out reading The Martian, and even managed to crank out a review!

What about you? Do you tend to stick it out till the end, even if you’re not a fan, or do you use your precious reading time on something new? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. I usually stick it out!


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