Love: It’s The Best Thing That We Do <3

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda – 4.5/5

Very simply put – this book was a gem 🙂 An absolute gem! Synopsis: Simon is a not-so-open gay boy who is in e-mail simonexchange with another boy (Blue) at his school, all this under pseudonyms. Simon and Blue exchange sweet and flirty e-mails back and forth and Simon is greatly enjoying what they have together. AND THEN – Martin sees the e-mail exchanges and uses them to blackmail Simon. The story continues to unravel as Simon reflects on his identity, his feelings for Blue, and his place in his school, among his friends, and within his family.

Hands down, my FAVORITE part of this book were the e-mail exchanges between Simon (pseudonym: Jacques) and Blue. Swoon CENTRAL! The e-mails were so sweet, so genuine, adorably flirty, and just so much fun. It was beautiful to see how their relationship could blossom without even knowing who the other person is! Their relationship genuinely grew based on falling for one another from the inside out, which I think is the best kind of love story. Everyone wants to be loved from the inside out – everyone wants to be loved for who they are. This book speaks to the most common of human experiences that transcends identity – which made for such a relevant read! 😉 ❤ #LOVEWINS, am I right?!?!

The other aspect of the book that I loved were the characters, obviously. I loved Simon – the quirkiness and the very adorable wondering how to impress this boy that he likes and not wanting to say the wrong things. It’s a human experience that everyone can relate to – we’ve all obsessed over our crush, we’ve all over-thought the things that we said, and we’ve all worked to create the perfect environment to get our crush to fall in love with us. Ok, or at least – I have 😉 Call me a hopeless romantic – Simon tugged at my heartstrings. I loved all of the side characters: Abby, Nick, Leah, and even Martin. Martin, Martin represents that person who we all know who seems to try a bit too hard to impress those around him and wants to fit in way too much. I think we all have had Martin’s in our lives and my heart broke when he decided to blackmail Simon. I enjoyed his character arch, however, by the time we got to the end of the story with Martin. And of course, you have to love Blue – mysterious and sweet Blue. Blue, who made you smile and blush, as you imagine your own crush saying these same things to you. Swoon worthy – most definitely!

The reason why I docked a .5 rating was that there was a portion of the book that was just…slow? I know – that’s like the pickiest thing to dock a beautiful book for, but I wanted to keep in mind that this is a book marketed to Young Adults. The beginning build up is great and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who Blue is and if Martin is actually going to blackmail Simon or not. Then the book just kind of stalled for me because it felt like it became slightly repetitive. The book quickly picked up, obviously, which is why it remains at a very high rating.

I thought this book was not only realistic, incredibly relevant timing, and full of transcendent experiences of love for all identities. This book is a beautiful reminder for all teens, particularly teens that identify within the LGBTQ population, that all love is beautiful, real, and true. I hope this book serves as a reminder that love is the best thing that we, as humans, can do. Love is what we are meant to do – love is beautiful in all forms and there is no such thing as love that is wrong. I hope that we can continue to strive as a society to a place where all people learn this message and feel that this message applies to them. This was a beautiful read – I highly recommend it, y’all! 😉 ❤

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