It’s For You…From the Past?

Landline – 3.5/5

landlineSo, I read “Eleanor and Park” last year – it was my first Rainbow Rowell book and I loved it! Remembering this, I was so excited to pick up another Rainbow Rowell book and I have heard such great reviews of “Landline”! After my last few reads being Fantasy/YA Fantasy, it was definitely time that I needed an Adult Contemporary to cleanse my palette a bit before I dive back in to the Fantasy world. That is definitely what I got with this book!

This book was a great combination of real emotions and light-hearted fun! I mean, the synopsis of the book is about a woman who is struggling in her marriage and then stumbles upon a landline that allows her to communicate with her husband FROM THE PAST! I mean, how does that not scream fun?! 🙂 This book infuses the present emotional struggle of a woman trying to figure out what is going on with her marriage, with being able to re-live a more carefree relationship with her husband before he was her husband. It definitely begs the question, “if you had the opportunity to communicate with your past, would you and what would you do with that opportunity”?

Now…why the 3.5 rating? I do believe that a part of it was that the book was definitely a bit over-hyped for me. It’s such a bummer because I do love Rainbow Rowell’s writing – but I think the story just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I think that the story was a bit longer than I thought it needed to be, and I really struggled with keeping interested in the book. The parts of the book that I loved were the parts where Georgie was talking with past-Neal, and being able to reminisce on the way that their relationship used to be. I believe that the book teaches an important lesson about the value that you place in the past, present, and the future.

The relationship between Georgie and past-Neal was probably the best part of the book for me. It was fun to see Georgie manage her “newfound” relationship with past-Neal and how quickly she falls into old habits with past-Neal. It is easy to see Georgie falling into her old habits as a means to escape the pain that she is experiencing in her present-day marriage. However, it was nice to see the love that is obviously present for her husband through her phone calls through this mysteriously, magical landline. I think that this shows how easy it is to forget the things that are right in front of us, and how we sometimes need a reminder.

Overall, this book was a fun, easy, and relatable read – I just think that it was overhyped for me, so my expectations were unnecessarily too high, which is a huge bummer. The book was still written beautifully, so I will continue to read Rainbow Rowell’s works and I am very excited to read her other books. If you’re looking for a fun break, then definitely pick this up! 🙂

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