I have been hearing about The Mortal Instruments series for like…ever now. Everyone seems to have read this and of course, everyone seems to have an opinion on this series, haha! I have heard such mixed reviews, which is why I have postponed city of bonesreading this series for so long. A series having this many mixed reviews makes me really nervous and I was not sure if it was a series that I wanted to invest my time in, as it is another longer series. HOWEVER – some of my favorite BookTubers rave about this series and I hear about it in so many of their videos…just, over and over again. And now – the Shadowhunters TV series has been announced!!! I am not gonna lie in saying that this is definitely one of the reasons why I decided to give this series a go 😉 With all this being said, let’s dive into my review of the first book, City of Bones!!!

City of Bones (#1) by Cassandra Clare – 4/5

4 out of 5 stars?! I know! I was just as surprised as you probably are…haha!!!! This was, by far, much higher than I anticipated on rating this book, so this feeling definitely took me by surprise. Now – was this book a literary revolution? No. Was this book a fun read and did I enjoy myself while reading it? Absolutely! I had so much fun – I surprised myself! This book was full of action, fast paced, interesting characters, fun plot and definitely set us up for what should be a fun rest of the series. Plus, I hear the series keeps getting better and better anyways! 🙂 I’m going to keep this review pretty short and sweet because there isn’t a ton to really say about this book – which doesn’t mean that it wasn’t enjoyable.

Like I mentioned, this book was definitely very fast paced – I read this book in like 2/3 sittings. I was having so much fun reading it and it was well paced, with all the action that was happening in the book. The story built very fast, which was impressive as there was a lot of world building that Cassandra Clare was doing. We were introduced to the Shadowhunters and their background, and started to learn about the intricacies of the Downworlders. By no means was this the most intricate and complex fantasy world that I have ever read about, but nonetheless it was fun and I found myself wanting to keep reading more and more, so that I can learn more and more. In addition to this, the cast of characters was fun, interesting and totally made the story. You got totally invested in Clary’s search for her mother, and of course – all the relationship drama that goes down
between the kids. I really enjoyed Luke and Magnus – which is interesting, as they’re both side characters – haha! Plus, Harry Shum Jr. is cast to play Magnus in the TV show!!!!! 😀 Swoon!!! ❤ magnus

All in all, this book was definitely fun and I really enjoyed it! I will definitely be continuing on with this series…AND, I am even more looking forward to The Infernal Devices trilogy, which I hear is even better anyways! 😀 So many books to read – such little time, haha! If you’re looking for an enjoyable fantasy world with a fairly interesting world and lots of action – definitely give this a go. For a YA fantasy, it’s definitely worth the read! 🙂  And now, I will leave you with this beautiful picture of Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus – again, swoon! 😉 ❤

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4 thoughts on “CoB

  1. ameliafawkes says:

    Hope you enjoy the series more than I did! I liked the first one, but gave up on the second halfway through :\


  2. annabethash says:

    I absolutely love this series 🙂 Though I’ve got to say the prequel series- The Infernal Devices- tops this one.


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