All Hail the Queen!

Hey everyone! It’s Mina here! 🙂 Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me! I’ve got some posts to share with y’all, so I’m excited to get back into my reading and blogging game! 😀 

The Queen of the Tearling – 3.5/5

queen of the tearlingI’m sorry that this review has taken so long, but I am so excited to share this with you all! 🙂 This book was one of my most highly anticipated reads of the year and it has been super hyped around the entire bookish community, so needless to say – I was pretty pumped about this read. Plus, I have been craving a new high-fantasy book for a while – and this definitely satisfied that craving.

This is a new high-fantasy/dystopian trilogy written by Erika Johansen AND it has already been picked up to be adapted to film with Emma Watson playing the main protagonist. This book is actually quite difficult to describe, which is quite fitting as this book was definitely mainly world building for the rest of the trilogy. I am going to link the Goodreads page for the book here and let you peruse the synopsis for yourself! 🙂 The rest of this post will be my thoughts about the book.

I am going to warn you all – this book is definitely a slow building book. As I mentioned earlier, this book is a lot of world building and setting the readers up for the rest of the trilogy. There is a lot of character development, context building, and content creating – so, this book definitely requires a lot of patience. This is why this book took me way longer to read than I thought it was going to take and I definitely don’t recommend trying to read this during a busier time. But, I think that’s what you should expect to get from any high-fantasy trilogy/series – the world has to build, the characters need to be developed, and the “magic” system needs to be thought through. So, brace yourselves for quite the slow read – for what it was, though, I quite enjoyed it. I thought that Erika Johansen did a great job with deep character development and creating this new and different future world. I am very excited for where the rest of the trilogy is going to go! 😀

I thought that the main protagonist, Kelsea, was definitely the most redeeming part of the book. Kelsea is a strong, determined and thoughtful woman and I think she is poised to be a great female role model. Although, it is one of my bookish pet peeves when a “strong female character” is described as “plain” – which implies that a strongly motivated female can’t be attractice and then vice versa, an attractive female can’t be strongly motivated? I think it sets a terrible double standard in our society and it doesn’t create the best role models for young girls – which makes me sad. Stepping off of my soapbox now, I appreciate that the Tearling kingdom is run by a Queen, and Kelsea definitely does not hold back with making her queen-ly decisions right from the beginning. No matter how unpopular her decisions are, she stands by them and her convictions, which I really appreciate.

With the main protagonist being a female, I also greatly appreciated that there was no romance element in this book! Huzzah!!


Yep – Kermit here perfectly describes how excited I was to not have to sit through some terrible romance. I am really getting fed up with the abusive romantic relationships, the annoying unrequited love story lines and the awful love triangles. I love having a strong female protagonist who can be strong by herself, and not have to have some male character standing by her side. Stoked – just stoked! 😀

Something that I think could have been done better was the development of the magic system in this book. It was alluded to throughout the book with Kelsea’s necklace and the Red Queen. Other than that, it’s not talked about or explained at all. I am worried that there will be a chunk of the second book will be used to explain said magic system, rather than continuing to develop the actual story.

Those are some of my brief thoughts about this book – I will definitely curb my thoughts and opinions until I can get my hands on the second book, The Invasion of the Tearling. I am anticipating more action and hopefully more magic! 🙂

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