Haunted by Heathcliff

A sweet copy I scored in a used bookstore in Chicago

A sweet copy I scored at a used bookstore in Chicago

A Review of Wuthering Heights —  4.5 out of 5.0

So, Wuthering Heights is a fantastic story. Seriously, how do you go about reviewing a classic beloved by generations? There’s a reason it has stuck around for this long. The characters are memorable, multi-faceted, and very human. The setting of the English moors is otherworldly, and feels like a character in its own right. It can be hard to fully appreciate it if you don’t “read it right” (more about that in a later post) but if you put in the extra effort, you are vastly rewarded.

When I blazed through the last third of the novel last Saturday, I immediately drove over to my library to pick up a DVD of the PBS version (which seemed to be the best reviewed) and promptly spent another two and a half watching that. I didn’t know what to do with myself once that also reached the ending. I was in a haze, craving more gothic romance and frustrated that I had no one around to share my struggles with. I have noticed recently that some of the best books are the ones which your opinion of grows the longer you think about it. That was certainly the case here.

The one qualm I will mention was that I wish Emily Bronte didn’t present most of the story through Nelly’s eyes. I can understand the logic, but I feel like the strong, raw emotions in this novel would have been even more powerful if it wasn’t filtered through her perspective and bias.

If you managed to somehow avoid this book, please pick it up. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. Also try my suggestions to come and see if they help you!

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