In Recovery

Hello friends! Long time no see! Even though teaching and my schedule outside of that have been about as calm as a two year old at a birthday party, I somehow decided to read Wuthering Heights in the midst of it. I finally carved out a good chunk of time and finished it today. Not only that–I ran to the library to get the PBS version of the story and spent an additional two hours watching that.

Needless to say, I’m suffering through a bit of a book hangover. I have so many thoughts spinning in my head that it seems like I’m going to need a few days to type out a coherent review.

But! While I was at the library I picked up some books to keep me company over the next few weeks.


As you’ll notice, the majority are YA, so I should have some reviews coming in a bit faster than in the past! I may start with Jackaby first. I feel like going with something short and sweet is just the kind of change of pace I need.

Have you suffered from “book hangovers”? Any thoughts on which book I should get to first? 

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2 thoughts on “In Recovery

  1. I love a good gothic romance and the Bronte sisters write them well. Have you read Jane Eyre? That was one of my favorites. As for your newly picked up pile, I’d go for Shadow and Bone first. Even though I haven’t read The Grisha trilogy yet, I’ve heard the story building is well done and it’s a wonderful read. It’s high up on my TBR pile at the moment. 🙂 Happy reading!


    • ameliafawkes says:

      I haven’t read Jane Eyre but I’m definitely going to have to pick it up soon. I also heard that the Grisha trilogy is amazing, but ended up going with Jackaby since it’s shorter. Shadow and Bone is next!

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