Dimension After Dimension…?

A Thousand Pieces of You – 3/5

My fantasy heart was craving something a little out of the ordinary and so, I decided to pick this book up. I mean, look at this cover…

a thousand pieces of you

How can you resist?!?! 0_0 Anyways…I was looking for something a little extraordinary and fantastical, so when I read the synopsis, my interest was piqued. Here’s a quick synopsis: Marguerite Caine grew up with brilliant physicist parents and was surrounded by cutting-edge theories. Her mother’s latest invention is a device called the Firebird, which allows people to leap into alternate dimensions (I know…right?!). Then, Marguerite’s father is murdered and his murderer escapes into another dimension. Marguerite can’t let her father’s murderer go free, and is determined to avenge her father. Marguerite races through alternative dimensions to bring her family justice, but soon discovers that there is more to her father’s murder than she thought.

Right?! I mean…come on! Alternate dimensions!!!! If this Whovian knows anything, it’s that one dimension is never enough!! 😉 However, I am sad to say that I did not fully love this as much as I thought I was going to. I didn’t hate it, but it just wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting it to be. I was pretty much middle of the road – so…let’s get on with my full review, shall we? 🙂 This review is also going to be mildly spoiler-y, so don’t read on, if you don’t want to be spoiled! 😉

Let me say…the reasons why I liked this book were also the reasons why I didn’t like this book as much, which makes this review to be a bit odd. First, the world building. For the pros: I appreciated the creativity in the worlds and how consumed into each world the reader gets engulfed in: futuristic London, Russia under the rule of Tsar Alexander V, the same yet different present, and the strange underwater world. I especially loved the Russian alternate dimension – I have a definite weak spot for old historic monumental moments and people, especially with the glamour of it all. However, the cherry on top of it all, was Claudia Gray’s ability to weave tiny details throughout her world building. The whole thing with The Beatles throughout the story was ingenious and definitely set me up for a mind-blowing plot twist! Despite all the good stuff, I do believe that the world building could have been a bit more creative and a bit more dynamically engaging. We spent a lot of time in Russia, which was fine, but – it felt a bit off-balance with the rest of the book. If we were supposed to be chasing the bad guy throughout alternate dimensions, then create more dimensions to run through OR don’t run as much, and set up shop in one alternate dimension. I know that sounds odd – but the book just felt so off-balanced.

Second, the romance…sigh. I do think that romance in a YA book is quite tricky, because it’s either insta-love or more on the abusive side, unfortunately. What I appreciated about the romance was the message that I believed Claudia Gray was trying to portray: that love transcends all dimensions and all circumstances. It’s sweet and so full of hope, and my hopeless romantic heart totally loves it. It’s romantic, in a way that I was okay with for a YA book. Now, to why I didn’t dig it – I do wish there was some more context building between Marguerite and Paul…it felt slightly insta-lovey, even though their relationship was set up to not be that way. There was so much potential to this romance being so epic, so unique, and so different – but I just felt aspects of it falling into the same YA patterns that I just cannot stand. I am hoping that the romance is more built out in the next book, because I do like Marguerite and Paul.

All in all – like I said, relatively straight down the middle for me…I liked it, but there were definite holes in this one, unfortunately. I will say, I am intrigued enough to keep reading – with hopes that the next one may be better. And if not that…look…at…this…cover!!!!

ten thousand skies above you

Swoon…if anything – these books are stunningly beautiful!!!! 🙂 ❤ If you want a good sci-fi/fantasy with a dash of romance, this one’s for you!

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