We Should Hang Out Sometime…Yeah? ;)

We Should Hang Out Sometime – 4/5Β 

I definitely enjoyed this read – I read it in two sittings! πŸ™‚ It’s always refreshing when you can find a book that you can breeze right through…I find it oddly fulfilling, haha! Anyways, this was a book that I wanted to read last month when it was the Booksplosion book of the month but never got around to it. So, here we are! πŸ™‚we should hang out sometime

Quick Synopsis: Josh Sundquist is 25 and realized that he has never had a girlfriend. He takes a good hard look at himself, wondering why this was the case. So, he sets out to meet up with all of the girls he almost dated to see what went wrong.

So – I have read reviews on both ends of the spectrum. People who loved it and people who hated it. I totally get the reviews of the people who hated this book; yes, it can be perceived as a little creepy and privileged on Josh’s part on his actions of reaching out to these girls and asking why it never worked out. It can feel like an intrusion and not his right to know that, sure. I totally get all that. But really…deep down…don’t we all wonder this every once in a while about certain people? Because guess what…I definitely do. As a twenty-something who hasn’t had a boyfriend in years (no, I will not tell you how many), I also wonder some of the things that Josh was wondering before he wrote this book. I have also wondered if something is just inherently wrong with me. I wonder if I am not doing something right to attract the right guy. Am I not pretty enough? Am I not successful enough? Am I too successful? Am I too absorbed in my career, and not invested enough in “putting myself out there”? As something who ruminates on these kinds of questions way more than I ever need to, I know that these unanswered questions can definitely drive you crazy. I totally appreciated Josh’s willingness to be vulnerable with these girls and simply ask the question, “why didn’t we work out”? So, enough with my odd and unintended soapbox and onto my review!! πŸ™‚Β 

I loved the format of this book. Josh split the book into the different women that he spoke with, as experiments. He gave us the background on the girl and their relationship, and then gave us his hypothesis as to why they didn’t work out. Then, he shared with us the meeting of when he asked them the question, “why didn’t we work out”? He shared with us whether or not the response matched his hypothesis, and this all built up to his conclusion at the end of the book. I thought it was quirky and different, and made it so easy to fly through this book in two sittings.

Josh definitely spoke to my awkward soul, as I totally related to several of the same encounters as he did. I definitely had the ACR (Ambiguous College Relationships) experience, where I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, whether he actually liked me as much as I liked him, etc. I was and totally am still super awkward when it comes to boys and relationships, and so I connected with every awkward cringe-inducing moment of Josh’s and every heartache that came along with these awkward interactions. If anything, it gave me hope that I will also meet someone who will love me for my awkward and find it as endearing as I believe it to be! πŸ˜‰

I definitely have some guys that I would like to ask the question to – and so, this book definitely gave me a new perspective on that question. It was a good reminder that I am single not because I have done something inherently wrong, but more because some of my own insecurities and self-lies have led me to believe about myself. I would love to push myself and put myself out there more, so we’ll see…maybe you’ll be hearing about my own dating adventures someday! πŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “We Should Hang Out Sometime…Yeah? ;)

  1. I’m definitely interested in reading this! It sounds pretty funny:)

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