Quarter Life Crisis?! Me? Nah…?

Girls in White Dresses – 2/5 

I was looking forward to a light and quick read with this one – and I got light, but not necessarily quick. Overall, it definitely was not terrible, but even from a light, fluffy read – I was expecting a little bit more. HOWEVER – I did enjoy being able to read about some 20/30-something year old women living lives that are a bit messy and not necessarily put together.

girls in white dressesQuick Synopsis: This book centers around 3 women (Isabella, Mary, and Lauren) and their friends, going through the motions of going to weddings, watching their friends having children, wading through messy relationships with odd boys, and career changes/uncertainties; all while living in New York City. I know, quickest synopsis ever, right? 

From the start, you could tell that this book was going to be sweet, sassy, and hopefully a coming-of-age story for women in their 20’s/30’s. What I enjoyed most was Jennifer Close’s writing. I was very impressed with the way that she was able to weave all of these stories so seamlessly together. You will see later on, however, that this is an unfortunate double-edged sword in my review of the book. I also appreciated that Jennifer Close chose to write about sassy women who were drunk a lot of the time, made some poor decisions about men, struggled with their career paths, and struggled with feeling lonely in a large city. These women did not live idyllic lives that tied up nicely at the end, which is exactly how life is sometimes. So, thank you Jennifer Close!

Now – to get into why I didn’t love this book. To start, while I was impressed with the way that Jennifer Close was able to weave so many stories together, there were definitely moments where the book just felt crowded. Is that an odd way to describe a book? Haha! The book felt so crowded at times, that I didn’t even realize that the book was supposed to be about Isabella, Mary, and Lauren until the end. This is also why I didn’t read through this book as quickly as I thought I was going to, because it just felt so weighted down. There was so much that could’ve been trimmed down, and then I would’ve enjoyed it so much more.

Secondly, while I appreciated Jennifer Close’s creation of sassy and messy women, there were certain times when I wish they were more empowered in their decision making. So often throughout the book, these women heavily depended on the men in their lives, which was so frustrating!!! Don’t get me wrong. I would love to read about a book about 20/30-something’s figuring out what it means to engage in positive, productive, and healthy relationships, rather than these women who are strong one moment and then something goes wrong, and they immediately become so dependent on their men. And most of the men in this book – not even great guys!!! 😥 Really, the only male character that I enjoyed and appreciated was Harrison, Isabella’s beau. Sigh. Come on Jennifer Close!!!!

Overall, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Strangely, it did teach me a very interesting lesson…so here it is! I tend to make myself seem and feel much older than I actually am, and I realized that I am wasting away my 20’s!!! Now, that is a bit overdramatic, but you get the picture. How often do I get to just enjoy life and have license to enjoy it! New goal: enjoy the rest of my 20’s, let loose, and have some fun! I may not be the quintessential “cool girl”, but I can be own version of a cool and hip 20-something! 😉

Now – to all my ladies! Enjoy life! Do you! Be content and happy with where you are at this present moment because you are all so beautiful!! 🙂 ❤

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