Defense Mechanisms 101

Words that describe this book: nonfiction, self-help, memoir, Christian. If any of those words give you indigestion, keep scrolling 🙂

Although I have never met Donald Miller, after reading yet another one of his books, I feel as if our “friendship” has grown. His storytelling and vulnerability keep his books from feeling like another nonfiction spiritual book on fill-in-the-blank, and Scary Close is no exception.

Scary Close – 5/5

All his books have had an impact on me, but man, Scary Close left me reeling. Much like Blue Like Jazz, it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I could have finished this book in a day, but had to stop myself. I wanted to soak it all in. I wanted to spend some time mulling over the truths in each chapter. Even though I finished it a few days ago, I’m still going back to the last few chapters and adding a bit more to the pages of notes and reflections and little activities I jotted down.

And I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that I benefit from reading into this topic. I’m sure the subtitle may have some people shy away (Intimacy? *shudder*) but come on. Not to paint with large strokes, but true intimate relationships can be hard to come by in a day and age where the vast majority of interaction we have is with a screen.

What a majority of the pages in my book look like. I know that some people complain that it wasn’t as Christian-oriented as they wanted it to be. While I agree that at some points it’s not as explicit as other books may be, the theme of God’s love is a steady undercurrent throughout. I think that Donald Miller just assumes that the readers see that the truths he’s sharing are truths from God’s Word. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see that an author doesn’t feel the need to coddle readers or hit them over the head with reference after reference. Maybe that’s just me, but hey, this book made me willing to sound dumb or be wrong.

And that willingness is just the surface of what I learned. I could make a full list, but at that point you’re better off just reading the book. Suffice it to say that I am learning to become a more vulnerable, honest, risk-taking individual (read: better person). I think that makes a book worthy of five stars.

So thanks again for opening up, Don. I’m looking forward to the next chat book.

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One thought on “Defense Mechanisms 101

  1. Amelia – this review made me smile from ear to ear! 🙂 I definitely have been wanting to pick this book up, as I feel the same way about Donald Miller’s books. I also agree with your review of his writing and how he assumes the best of his readers, which makes me love his books even more! I cannot wait to read this book!! 🙂

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