TL;DR How to get it together

I’ve had some things on my plate lately that have been preventing me from reading anything exciting lately, but I did read a non-fiction book my mom has been pestering me to read for a few months. I really enjoyed it, so thought I would do a brief review of it.


First Things First by Stephen R. Covey – 5/5

As I mentioned, my mom had read this book in the last year and thought it was really well written and full of very useful information to help you get your life together. (why do you think I need that so badly, mom?!) I’ve been making some decisions about my future and my path in life, and thought it would be time to take a look at what this book had to offer.

Have you seen the story floating around on the internet of the professor who filled a jar with rocks, then pebbles, then sand, etc. to show his class the importance of focusing on the bigger things in your life first, then the smaller things, otherwise the jar wouldn’t fill? This book took an active approach to this theory. It gives you a chart you can fill out (or make your own to fill out) focusing on the different “hat” one wears and how to accomplish everything they require in the order of what is most important to you.

Once you identify your hats, you pick a “rock” goal for each week that you want to accomplish. If one of your hats is mother, your goal could be anything from read to my child every night, to check their homework, help them with a project, spend an hour of quality time together, etc. Then you write in your day to day events (appointments, meetings, etc). At the bottom of each day you can put general goals, or things you’d like to accomplish that day that relate to your ‘hats.’ If one of your hats is daughter, like mine, my goal for the week was to call my mom on Wednesday. Just to check in, catch up.

The goal is to focus on the big “rock” ideas and get them accomplished during the week, then to slowly let the rest of things you have to do, or want to do, and have time for all of them. The book talks about how it’s most important for your happiness to concentrate on those things that make you happiest and are most important to you, than to let the nuisances of day to day activities. It makes it’s own, very good point, about how to figure out what those big things actually are to you. Is it more important to meet a work deadline, or take your child to the zoo? What if work overtakes your life, how do you make the time to connect back with your family, and/or significant other?

It wasn’t until about page 70 that everything started clicking for me in the book, and I applied the weekly goals to my life for 3 weeks, and noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of tasks I could get accomplished, and the amount of “me” tasks I was able to get done that I previously did not see how I could possibly have time for. If you need a good read to remind you of how to be happy and healthy in your life mentally, this book is a great step to help you work through it!

On deck: Logging into my Goodreads account to find the next book I want to read, and hoping my library has it!

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