RomCom: Book Style

Anna and the French Kiss – 4/5 

This book was the perfect book to read over the Valentines Day weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂 I mean, look at this cover! Is it not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?! Haha!! It was definitely a quick, funny and light read – if that might be what you are looking for! anna

Quick synopsis: Our female protagonist, Anna Oliphant, gets sent to a boarding school set in Paris (YES, PARIS, SWOON!!!) and meets her new friends, which of course includes our male protagonist, Etienne St. Claire. I am sure that you can probably see where this book will go, but just go with me. The book follows Anna through her year at the School of America in Paris through all her antics, her confusing relationship with Etienne St. Claire (who has a girlfriend throughout the book) and how she balances her Parisian life and her life in the States.

I must say, one of the reasons that I enjoyed this book so much were definitely the characters. Stephanie Perkins created a great cast of adorable, quirky, realistic, and lovable characters. You rooted for Anna and St. Claire, and you sassed with the rest of them. I thought Anna was a great protagonist that was a little different than your typical leading lady, but of course, what RomCom doesn’t have a quirky and different leading lady?

Another reason why I loved this book so much? Umm…need I state the obvious? IT WAS SET IN PARIS!!! Yes, my love for Paris and most all things French runs deep and this book touched one of my dearest fantasies – of falling in love in some place beautiful, rich in culture, and…perfect? Haha!!! I loved reading a book that was set somewhere other than the U.S. (other than the short chapters in Atlanta and San Fran), as it added another layer to the story. We followed Anna, St. Claire, and the group around Paris on their adventures and Stephanie Perkins transported us to some of the most beautiful and iconic sites in Paris.

All in all, a lovely read – very quick and it just makes you sigh with contentment. I am definitely looking forward to the other two books in this companion-trilogy. Hoping to see some of Anna and St. Claire in the other two! 🙂

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One thought on “RomCom: Book Style

  1. ameliafawkes says:

    I typically avoid all things “romcom”…but Paris may make me give this one a shot.


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