A Spooky & Touching Ghost Story

Anya’s Ghost – 4/5

I picked this one up for my February #AYEARATHON and the theme was “Diversity”. This was a recommended reading for this month and I was pretty excited to book it up. I haven’t read a graphic novel in a very long time, so I was excited to try another medium of book especially since I have been in quite the reading slump.

anyas ghostQuick synopsis: Anya is an outsider at her upscale private school, coming from a Russian family. You can see right off the bat that her family embarrasses her and all she desires is to fit in at school. One day while talking a walk, Anya falls down a hole where she meets the ghost of a young girl named Emily Reilly. After getting out of the hole, Anya and Emily become good friends – but of course, being friends with a ghost can’t lost too long, can it? 😉

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. It was a super quick read that I read in less than an hour, which made for a delightful evening. However, due to the speed of which I was reading, I did keep missing small details that I would have to double-back for which is something that I would warn readers to watch for as you read graphic novels. Definitely a very different medium.

So to start with the things that I really enjoyed: I very much enjoyed the drawing style of the graphic novel. I thought it was quirky, I loved the consistency and I loved the purple hue that was present throughout the entire book. Made it very easy to get quickly absorbed into the story and sprint right through this read. And…cute to boot! 🙂


I loved the characters and how they developed throughout the story, particularly Anya. I think that Anya, as a character, is incredibly relatable. I know that I related to Anya, remembering my own insecurities of wanting to fit in when I was young. As the story progresses and as Anya faces challenges that put her family at risk, she starts to realize just how important they are to her and how important taking pride in one’s heritage can truly be.

Lastly, I loved how the story web was created!!! 🙂 I thought that Vera Brosgol was incredibly creative in the invention of this story with Anya’s relationship with Emily. When their relationship starts, you are touched by their relationship as you feel sad for Emily’s story and how she died centuries ago. You feel for her as it seems that her life was robbed from her and being able to connect with Anya almost brings “life” back to her. However, as the story goes on, you see Emily becoming more and more aggressive and “real” and “strong”. Until finally, Emily starts to take a life of her own as she tries to take Anya’s life away from her and incites the spookier part of the storyline, which I ended up loving! I was surprised at the twist and I was equally surprised with how much I loved it. I thought it was great and really served as a great way to support the main story of Anya embracing her heritage.

In terms of what I did not like, honestly, there wasn’t much. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and really had a great time reading it. I am excited to pick up more graphic novels and start adding them into my regular reading repertoire. I definitely recommend this read if you are looking for something different, new and looking for something that is going to unexpectedly touch your heart! 🙂

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