Hi, I’m Val!

Hello world! Before I tell you all about my favorite books of 2014, I thought I should tell you a little bit about myself and why/how I am part of this blog! One of the first things I remember from my childhood is my grandfather’s apartment: every single wall was floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. After 26 years, it is still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I read my first book at the age of five, and have been an avid reader ever since.

In 7th grade Language Arts we were to log every book we read that year. My [school] yearly total hit close to 120; probably more than half my class combined. That was the first time I realized I had a problem. I was obsessed with reading. Obsessed with books. The way they felt, the stories they told, the way I always had a hard time letting go of the characters after reading the last sentence.

One day, Rachel and I drove to meet Christina for dinner. The pizza place we had planned to meet at ended up opening later than we had anticipated, so we backtracked to a “Going Out of Business” bookstore we had passed on the way. About a half hour and almost $100 (each) later, we were on our way to meet Christina. When I got home to add the new books to my collection I realized that I needed to create a spreadsheet of the ones I own, as I was starting to have doubles. 426 books later my obsession was staring back at me in an excel spreadsheet. (Unfortunately, When my laptop died a few years later, the spreadsheet died with it. I have yet to undertake creating a new one.)

Once I went to college, my reading time became quickly occupied with classes, parties, football games, and the constant presence of my best friends living with, or near me. It was about three months ago that I realized I need to start reading again, and vowed to make that my winter project. Who wants to leave the house to go anywhere when it’s 15 below freezing anyway?

As Rachel, Christina and myself are separated by hundreds of miles across the United States, we try to have an annual dinner date every holiday season. This year, I told the ladies about my plan to read more books this year. We suddenly noticed that most of our dinner date had been consumed by the three of us staring at our phones as we send each other Goodreads recommendations; after the realization that we are the biggest book nerds we know, and a discussion on the possibility of starting a book club, “Avid Readers, Mediocre Writers” was born. I hope you enjoy reading my mediocre writing, as much as I will enjoy writing it!

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